green-friendlyThese manufacturers have products that
are friendly to the environment. Many have
“Green” certified products and products
that meet government (EPA) standards
for recycled content and use of recycled

Check out the environmentally friendly products these
companies offer. You will be a good friend of the
environment by using these products.


For Your Industrial/Janitorial & Food Service Needs

Inteplast Logo

Inteplast manufactures a line of environmentally friendly products under the “InteGreen” line. Inteplast has compostable can liners that meet ASTM D6400 compliance for bio- degradability and compostability. “InteGreen” is certifed by Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). These can liners are ideal for food service as well as yard waste use. “InteGreen” line has compostable T-Shirt bags that also meet ASTM D6400 and BPI standards. Additionally, Inteplast makes several types of reusable, “Bring it Back”, bags, in strong durable plastic which are also made from recycled material.


Warsaw LogoNew Green Time System is Warsaw Chemical’s line of seven products produced to contain no harsh builders or solvents and uses only biodegradable surfactants. All products are made to be dye, fragrance, and phosphate free. All these products have received DfE approval; DfE is the US EPA’s certification for “Green” cleaning products.


You’ve known Sellars for years as one of the nations’ premier wiper companies. Now Sellars has dramatically expanded their Mayfair towels and tissues, green-friendly 100% recycled, line of products to be fulline. Sellars has given Mayfair the same high quality presence as their wiper products. Sellars also makes it so easy to do business with their state-of-the-art web-site for ordering.


Maui LogoLetica Corporation has introduced their EcoLine FoodWare line of sustainable foodservice products that fit the current U.S. waste infrastructure (waste to landfill) better, while offering a strong solution to waste concerns. EcoLine FoodWare products are designed to decompose in an active waste landfill, while also offering the option of being recycled (if viable recycling streams are available). If an area recycles specific plastic resin types, then an EcoLine FoodWare product can be added to that recycling stream and recycled 100% without any issues or concerns. This technology is applicable for most conventional resin types, and has been tested per ASTM D5511-11. Letica Corporation offers their EcoLine FoodWare products for plastic thermoformed cups, plastic injection molded cups and containers, as well as coated cold beverage paper cups and coated hot beverage paper cups.


Since 1948, Penny Plate has been committed to innovation and finding ways to exceed customer expectations. Today, Penny Plate has one of the most extensive lines of aluminum containers for the Foodservice, Retail, and Packer Processor industries. Inventors of the widely used rolled rim technology, Penny Plate produces its own dyes and remains a leading innovator in aluminum container packaging. We pride ourselves in the sustainability of our products and the fact that our aluminum containers are 100% recyclable.